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Willkommen to the aerodrome of the Black Haze Squadron

Established in November of 1997, the Black Haze Squadron is dedicated to representing a German scout unit during the Great War of 1914 - 1918 in online multiplayer WWI flight simulation combat. 
Although we will explore and participate in any new WWI flight simulation, our primary vehicle to date has been the new generation flight sim Rise of Flight (most of our current pilots started their careers in the classic Red Baron II). 

Our goals are to have a good time, fly and fight with honor, enjoy the company of great kamaraden and do our utmost to achieve victory in our missions.  We are also early aviation and World War I history enthusiasts, which greatly adds to our enjoyment of the game.  We learn about and apply the principles of flight, and experience in simulation, the results of it's correct or  incorrect usage.  We also engage in regular tournaments, wars and campaigns with 50 or more fellow online pilots and fly bomber, escort, recon, patrol, balloon busting and most of the mission types that were actually conducted during the war.   We learn about and apply the same combat and wingman tactics actually employed by the first fighter aces.  Please refer to our Operations manual for further details about our combat techniques and training procedures that we employ to turn our members into efficient combat pilots.


Any serious participant is welcome.  The abilities to conduct yourself with honor and maturity, speak English, willingness to learn and work as part of a team are the only requirements we have of a new recruit.  We need both experienced and novice flight simulation pilots.  If you are new to the game, or flight simulations in general, we have members who can train you and the community is a very friendly and supportive one.  Technical assistance with game issues is also available.  If you prefer to fly on the Allied side of the mud or with another squadron, there are several other German, British, American, French and unaligned ones to choose from.  We would be glad to help you look around and find the best fit for your particular preferences.

There is no fee or charge to join and participate.  If this sounds like fun, then please join us in the skies over the war torn France of World War I.

Rise of Flight screenies

Schultze emerges victorious once again

Pfalz wearing squad colors

Nieuport fighter falls prey to a pfalz

Dance with the devil (don't mess with Canis)

Dr1 wearing squad colors

The Dr1 has spotted its prey